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It's National Puppy Day!

Sally Stocker

One of our clients owns two Great Pyrenees dogs and one King Charles Cavalier. (Yeah, we think she's a little crazy, too!) Those big dogs shed that hair like it's their job. Lorie Stuart Cleaning cleans her home every two weeks, but that time in between can get a little ~hairy~ if you know what we mean. We gave her some tips on keeping her house clean in between our visits.

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Carlos Montoya

Who doesn't LOVE Love?  The idea of it.  The reality of it.  The beauty of it.  And the 14th of February every year we get the chance to celebrate it!  So the big question is who will be your Valentine?  Are you thinking chocolates, flowers, love letters?  Well why not give your love something sparkly.  Something shiny.  How about the gift of CLEAN!  Instead of the traditional go-to's on this day of romance, try something better!  Scrub a few extra dishes for your woman.  Wipe down those baseboards for your man.  Or better yet, let us do it ALL for you.  Give the gift of Lorie Stuart Cleaning and make this the BEST Valentines yet!  

Questioning your clutter? Try Decluttering Questions!

Carlos Montoya

In keeping with the theme of becoming and staying organized, here is a GO-TO list to get you thinking, and moving, on your home projects.

10 questions to ask yourself when Decluttering:

1. is this item something I use regularly?

2. if not, is it something I love?

3. am I keeping this out of obligation?

4. do I think I should love it?

5. am I saving this just in case?

6. do I have multiples of the same thing?

7. could something else do the same job?

8. am I holding onto it to fix one day?

9. is it worth the time I spend cleaning it?

10. could I use this space for something else?


Find a printable version of this here:

Happy New Year!!

Carlos Montoya

And so begins a new year.....some moments, that gets me excited and re-energized and some moments,  just tired!  So, my cleaning tip for the new year is to just start small. Make a realistic plan, one that you can fudge on and it will be ok.  Think "freedom" which to me means to declutter.....clear out a closet and a little bit of your mind  as well. It really is liberating!!  So here's to a clearer mind and home! Remember, you are not alone, enlist help if needed, it can give you a boost of energy and courage to start! Sometimes that's all you need!