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Back-to-School -- already?


Back-to-School -- already?

Sally Stocker

I was leisurely reading the paper online and came across an ad with the words every mom dreads: "Back-to-School." My brain started to whirl as I counted out all the things I needed to do before sending those munchkins of mine off on the first day.

Aside from the requisite new binder, planner, pencil pouch, lined and unlined paper, highlighter, dividers, and facial tissues for the classroom, my daughter also informed me that she had absolutely nothing to wear to school and we must go shopping.

I looked around my house. The dust bunnies have congregated in the entry way and I swear they are plotting my death. Despite the fact that I run a load of dishes each day, the sink is full of dirty dishes. My daughter's room holds no less than ten water bottles. My office is a hodgepodge of bills, to-do notes, and shoes. The dogs' food bowls need washing. There is a coating of dust everywhere.

I can't seem to find the time to do anything I want, let alone clean. My wish is to go away and come back to a clean house. Fortunately, I can.

Give Lorie Stuart Cleaning a call. We are dependable, honest, efficient, and thorough. Go take the kids for that final drive to Bear Lake for shakes and fries. The house will be clean and sparkling when you return.

And isn't that the best back-to-school to-do item of all?