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3590 W 3000 N
Benson, UT 84335
United States


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Lorie Stuart’s Cleaning Service is excellent! I have used this company on more than one occasion. Most recently I had her team come clean my home once we moved out to get it ready to sell! Her team went above and beyond what was expected! They were professional and helped me immensely. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company!
— Cathy, Logan UT

I cannot say enough good things about Lorie Stuart Cleaning. Lorie is always accessible and always willing to reschedule should you have a conflict. The cleaning crews are extremely friendly and very kind. We have two large white dogs that shed like nobody’s business and I know that when I come home after the cleaning crew has been there that all of that dog hair will have been banished. This by itself is worth a million dollars. The kitchen is always sparkling and if I happen to leave dirty dishes in the sink, they will take those out, clean the sink, and return the dishes. I have even had them wash my dishes once, which was entirely unexpected and very, very nice. In the two years since I’ve been using Lorie’s service, I have never had any occasion to think anything other than the team is honest and hardworking. I highly recommend her service; you will not be sorry!
— Sally, Logan UT

Lorie and her dedicated competent team have been my cleaning ladies for a whole decade now. Every week that they arrive at my home, I step in after a long day’s work and have to pause to take in sweet smell of cleanliness. And while it may not last longer than a few minutes following the entry of my 4 energetic kids into the house, I rest easy knowing she will be back to clean up our mess again!!

What has struck me the most, however, is their total honesty. Nothing in these last 10 yrs has ever been missing, lost or unaccounted for. On one occasion, when one of the ladies accidentally broke a plate, there was a note that explained the mistake, and the following week, an exact replacement. Considering the fact that I am not at home when they do their job, trust is my biggest factor in retaining her services. Besides the fact she has grown to be a true friend who will no doubt give me her honest opinion as to what I could do differently to maintain my home better!!!

During our long remodeling process, uncomplainingly her team made our home livable through all the mess and even suggested, very correctly, to our contractor what he could do to reduce the dust in the first place! Lorie and her team have my highest recommendations if you are looking for someone who will keep up to their name, cleaning ladies!
— Prafulla, Logan UT

The crews from Lorie Stuart Cleaning always do a great job on both our house and our office! We have a lot of dogs and cats, which can make cleaning a challenge. But they always do a thorough job, with better results that I could achieve myself. They are true professionals with high standards of performance and service - reliable, hard-working, careful with fragile items and electronic equipment, as well as friendly and nice to the dogs and cats. My life is always much better after a visit from Lorie Stuart Cleaning!
— Cindy, Smithfield UT

You all make my complicated life easier by offering me a flexible schedule of cleaning, doing a terrific job at just what I need to have done, using only natural products, and readily adding extras that only need to be done sometimes, and all with a smile and making a fuss over my dog, which makes her very happy. Thanks for all you do!
— Lori, Hyrum UT

I have been using the Lorie Stuart Cleaning service for a few years now. They are reliable and very efficient. I love to return to a clean and fresh home from work after they come for a cleaning visit. In the initial years, I used to stay while they cleaned, but now I leave my keys with them. This saves me a lot of work time. Lorie is very accommodating with special requests or changes in schedule. I highly recommend their cleaning service to anyone.
— Sanghamitra, Logan UT

Lorie’s group does an amazing job of doing a thorough clean in an efficient manner. The first time the team cleaned our house, they were able to make things sparkle that I had tried for years to get that clean. On top of that, they are willing to put up with our two big beastly dogs! I’ve walked in several times to find them giving our girls love or to find one of our girls laying on Lorie’s feet as she patiently cleans the the sink. Our dogs are our kids so it’s nice to know that they are in such good hands when Lorie’s team comes over. Oh, and did I mention that they put up with cleaning the dog hair and the drool that is always all over the place? They are truly greatly appreciated at our house.
— Jill, Providence UT

Lorie Stuart’s cleaning company has helped me mentally and physically! They are honest, efficient, non-judgmental and flexible! what ever the task I have for them they do an excellent job every time. thanks guys for all you do!
— Darci, Logan UT

Lorie and her crew have been cleaning my 5 bedroom 4 bath Providence home for about 6 years. They are in and out in about an hour and fifteen minutes and they keep track of what needs attention. I was sold when they oiled/polished my bathroom cabinets (it never occurred to me to do that!) I am retired and should have time to clean, but I have lots of projects and always have something else Id rather do. With Lorie coming, I pick up a little, clean off surfaces, and Lorie does the rest. Microwave and stove are kept looking like new. I have a large shedding dog and her team keeps us sanitized and presentable. It is so nice to have a sparkling clean house and not be exhausted! For me, this cleaning service is worth every penny.
— Julia, Providence UT

You guys are great and make my life so much happier. :)
— Deonne, Wellsville UT