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Denture Tablets for Cleaning?


Denture Tablets for Cleaning?

Sally Stocker

It's true.

One Good Thing by Jillee lists 20 things you can clean with denture tablets. Our favorites are:

  • Tomato Sauce Stained Plastic Containers. You know how your husband decided to take the leftover lasagna to work the next day in one of your plastic snap-top lidded containers? And then microwaved the lasagna in that same container? I have an entire cabinet full of these. Instead of buying new plastic containers, I can clean them up!
  • Clogged Drains: To this day, I do not understand how my husband's sink clogs more than mine. I have long hair. He does not. I just don't get how his side still clogs more. If I can use denture tablets to unclog the sink and save our pipes from using Draino, I'm all for it.
  • Stinky Shoes: Let's get that funky smell out of that pair of shoes. Using denture tablets is going to be more cost-effective than buying a new pair. (I feel like I should mention that sometimes stinky shoes mean stinky feet. That means you might have a fungus growing on your feet. Sometimes it doesn't itch or give you any other sign, except for that noxious smell. To know for sure, visit a dermatologist.)
  • Crockpots: How many times have I made that amazing macaroni and cheese for the family and the bottom burned? Now I can get that stain out of my crockpot.
  • Jewelry: I know! Jillee says someone got this tip directly from a jeweler 40 years ago.

There's a lot more on Jillee's site. Check them out and let us know what worked for you!